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Invisalign Retainer Pasadena

invisalign retainer pasadenaAfter orthodontic treatment, patients need to wear a retainer. The retainer prevents your teeth from shifting back towards their initial position. Teens are especially prone to orthodontic relapse due to the immaturity of their jawbones, but adults are also at risk because the periodontal ligament that stabilizes each tooth will also tend to revert to its original position and take the tooth with it. Our Pasadena Invisalign retainer expert can help you decide if an Invisalign retainer is right for you.

Invisalign retainers work differently than traditional wire retainers. Wire retainers are effective. After orthodontic treatment, the traditional wire retainers keep your teeth in their new positions as long as you wear it as recommended by our expert in Invisalign retainer in Pasadena. Most patients will need to wear the retainer all the time initially and gradually reduce to overnight use only. However, the wire retainer is visible, and many patients do not like the look of it. Our expert in Invisalign retainer in Pasadena offers clear retainers that are similar in design to Invisalign aligners but designed specifically for long-term use.

Pasadena Invisalign Retainer

Invisalign retainers can be designed using the same advanced 3D technology we used to create your Invisalign aligners. You will need to wear them much like you wore your aligners. Remove the retainer for meals and snacks, and brush and floss your teeth before replacing the retainer. Our Pasadena Invisalign retainer expert will provide you with instructions for cleaning your retainer to keep it free of plaque and other buildup that could threaten your dental health.

Without a retainer, orthodontic relapse can be severe enough to require further orthodontic treatment. You can keep this from happening by wearing your Invisalign retainer exactly as recommended. Straight teeth are generally healthier teeth. They line up properly and evenly distribute bite forces. They work together and minimize the stress on the jaw joint. They are easier to clean and to keep clean, and for most people, straight teeth are also more attractive teeth. Call us now to learn more about getting and keeping the smile you want with Invisalign and to schedule your appointment with our expert in Invisalign Teen in Pasadena.

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