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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry PasadenaDental fear or anxiety is one of the biggest reasons people delay or skip dental checkups and needed care. A small cavity or early gum disease may have few or no noticeable symptoms, but if they are not caught in a routine checkup, they can develop into much more serious dental health problems. Advanced gum disease can cause tooth loss and bone loss. A cavity can penetrate to the inner chambers of the tooth and cause an abscess or widespread infection. If you have been suffering from dental anxiety or a phobia, we can help.

We offer sedation dentistry to help you feel comfortable and relaxed during your next dental appointment. Our office has been carefully designed to help even nervous patients feel right at home. The decor is peaceful, the music is soothing, and our team is compassionate and warm. We also offer nitrous oxide, or laughing gas.

Laughing gas has been used for many years to calm and relax patients during dental treatment. It is safe and highly effective, and its results are predictable. Nitrous oxide can be used in both children and adults and works even in patients with severe dental phobias. It is mixed with oxygen and lightly scented for a more pleasant experience. It is then administered through a mask that is placed over your nose. Within a few minutes of breathing it in, you will feel a sense of euphoria, a pleasing tingling sensation and slight drowsiness.

Once your treatment is over, we will switch the gas to pure oxygen, which speeds your body’s removal of nitrous oxide. Within a few minutes, you will be ready to drive yourself home safely and can continue your day’s activities without any lingering effects.

The benefits of laughing gas are extensive. Not only can it enable you to get the treatment you need without any fear or discomfort, but it also helps calm sensitive gag reflexes and make it easier to undergo long or complex dental treatment. Although nitrous oxide is considered extremely safe, it may not be appropriate for all patients or all situations. Give us a call today to learn more or to schedule your next consultation.

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